Uldir Live 9/4!

Uldir Launch

Posted by Leviatan 5 months Ago
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Uldir is live (as are Warfronts). Check out the raid strats and get ready to rock!

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    • Umbrafer2019-01-09 16:39:07

      I'm likely not gonna be there tonight, sorry I've been inconsistent lately - it's just That Part of the School Year for the next few months...

    • Pencilvester2019-01-02 10:50:11

      The nurse is the only one at our house without the flu shot. Hopefully Jack and I win the 20% effectiveness lottery.

    • Leviatan2019-01-01 18:07:32

      Back from holiday vacation, but now we all have the Flu...Sorry to anyone I exposed!

    • Umbrafer2018-12-23 10:03:23

      Probably won't be around again tonight, unfortunately.

    • Leviatan2018-12-16 21:19:53

      And...Ahead of the Curve G'huun. Sorry, Umbra!

    • Umbrafer2018-12-16 19:23:49

      sorry for late notice, won't be around tonight

    • Chicken2018-12-14 17:02:51

      Toast until 11pm est... Plans ran into snag.

    • Chicken2018-12-12 15:39:32

      It's the newest version of moonfire spam.

    • Pencilvester2018-12-12 13:10:56

      Sheryl's Moonkin was blasting all of darkshore with Laser Matrix yesterday. I hope this is directly related to moosekin form.

    • Chicken2018-12-12 12:30:31

      Laser matrix trait is doing weird things at the moment. Careful if you're running mythic+

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