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  • Threshy
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    Class: warrior
    Armory Link: Threshy
    Specs: DPS
    Raid Availability: Wednesday Available | Thursday Available | Sunday Available | Monday Available

    How did you find out about Tortured?
    Through critsinface.

    Why did you leave your last guild (if any)?
    Didn’t really do anything with my last guild so decided to look for another.

    What are your in-game goals?
    Get the gear, do the damage, clear heroic raids and generally have a fun time doing it.

    Why do you want to join tortured?
    Heard it’s one of the better progression guilds on the server and that seems evident by your guys clear of heroic EN.

    Do you have anything else to add?
    Been playing since vanilla on and off for a decade now so I know my way around a raid environment but more importantly I’m looking for a group of relaxed people that go hard come raid time but are chill outside of raids, I am by no means looking for a super hard core guild just a group or normal dudes looking to do some of the harder content.

    I do hope this post is better than the last, I really would like to be a part of this guild, thank you.

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    Thanks, Threshy. We’ll get back to you asap.

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    Threshy, please talk to an officer in-game. Me, Luthehza, Zoryoth, Requinix, Malevena, or Darkthistle.

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