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  • SStrange
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    Class: warlock
    Armory Link: SStrange
    Specs: DPS
    Raid Availability: Wednesday Sometimes Available | Thursday Sometimes Available | Sunday Sometimes Available | Monday Sometimes Available

    How did you find out about Tortured?
    Arc forced me into playing legit bought the game and twisted my arm and told me to play….. Now im playing…… Tell arc i said (thanks)

    Why did you leave your last guild (if any)?
    No previous guild

    What are your in-game goals?
    Learn as much, as possible and become the strongest

    Why do you want to join tortured?
    Arc twisting my arm forcing me to (jk) I want to raid with my friend

    Do you have anything else to add?
    Arc is cool!

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    I swear the last sentence was ALL HIM. I DID NOT WRITE IT.

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    Thinking Arc is cool may be a reason not to invite…

    In any case, we’ll bring you on as a non-raider, as you’re level 102. Give us a holler when you’re up and ready for raiding. Please check the code of conduct and let us know if you need anything, especially if you’re new to the game and have questions about stuff. We have lots of really knowledgeable folks!

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