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    Class: none
    Armory Link: Quattack
    Specs: DPS
    Raid Availability: Wednesday Available | Thursday Never Available | Sunday Available | Monday Available

    How did you find out about Tortured?
    I have known Leviatan since I was in 1st grade and went to Middle School through college with Pencilvester and college with Dustbunny.

    Why did you leave your last guild (if any)?
    I wasn’t in another guide. I played WoW when it first was released and stopped in 2007. Just recently got back into it.

    What are your in-game goals?
    My goal is to have fun questing/raiding/pvp’ing with friends.

    Why do you want to join tortured?
    I want since all my friends who play are in this guild.

    Do you have anything else to add?
    I have already been invite to the guild, I just want to start raiding now that my character is more respectably geared. I have only been playing for a month, but I am now up to gear lvl 352 and got my Heart of Azeroth neck up to level 31.

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    la croix?!?! lol

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