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    Class: none
    Armory Link: Nitefyr
    Specs: DPS
    Raid Availability: Wednesday Available | Thursday Sometimes Available | Sunday Available | Monday Sometimes Available

    How did you find out about Tortured?
    I joined a normal run on 8/2/17. It was nice and smooth. I’ve done it the last 2 weeks.

    Why did you leave your last guild (if any)?
    My last raiding guild fell apart after Christmas/ New Years when 3 officers quit. I joined my current guild for all of 2 weeks of raiding. I just didn’t feel comfortable and needed some time off. I came back about a month ago and have finished up all of the patch content outside of raiding.

    What are your in-game goals?
    My in game goals are kind of random. My overall goal is to complete the patch content prior to the next one. I’ve been a part of several top 20 US guilds over my career and am just looking to step back from the intense raiding scene and be more casual with my raiding so i can spend more time with my family.

    Why do you want to join tortured?
    It seems like a good fit for what i’m looking for in a guild. Progression is steady and from the runs i’ve done seems solid. I like the smaller schedule

    Do you have anything else to add?
    Thursday’s are hit and miss because that is my swing shift day. It flip flops from early to late every week. Monday, i work until 8pm CST so i would be a little late every week. I’m a Corrections Officer which is why my schedule is a little weird.

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    Check one of us in-game and we’ll get you set up. You’ve been great to have the last couple of normal runs.

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