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  • Val
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    Posting for the applicant as the registration has bugged out on her computer, my computer, and Timbr logged off after I tested it.

    Class: Mage
    Armory Link: Hotpockét
    Specs: DPS
    Raid Availability: Wednesday Available | Thursday Available | Sunday Available | Monday Available

    How did you find out about Tortured?
    “Val told me about you guys after I expressed I was looking for a guild that was more serious and less toxic.”

    Why did you leave your last guild (if any)?
    “There was a lot of immature members and the toxicity brought in a lot of personal affairs/attacks that were not appropriate.”

    What are your in-game goals?
    “I want to learn how to raid and experience end game content. Eventually, I’d like to learn how to heal and expand my abilities.”

    Why do you want to join tortured?
    “Out of all the guilds I’ve tried, this one seems to be the most serious and competent, as well as mature. It’s what I’ve been looking for and Val insists Tortured fits the bill.”

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    Hotpocket, we’ll get back to you asap. Some folks are out for Memorial Day.

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