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Posted by Leviatan 2 weeks Ago
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Many of you may be feeling some feelings with the direction the Horde has taken in recent events.  Fear not, old soldiers!  Saurfang has got your back.  If you haven’t checked out the Warbringers yet, do so!

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    • Chicken2018-08-14 17:56:12

      That nabe character is a suspicious-looking level 120.

    • Leviatan2018-07-29 21:49:16

      Back from vacation. Can't wait to start up again in earnest when BFA launches!

    • Requinix2018-07-18 19:33:23

      Going to miss out tonight. Have fun!

    • Luthehza2018-07-18 13:21:56

      Raid tonight! Come one come all or whatever.

    • Leviatan2018-07-08 18:34:05

      Sick as a dog. Gonna miss tonight.

    • Umbrafer2018-06-27 11:02:17

      won't be around tonight, friend in town = irl lan party + starcraft grind

    • Leviatan2018-06-26 15:32:27

      Back from vacation!

    • Chicken2018-06-21 15:31:35

      This shoutbox requires more moonkin dancing

    • Oth2018-06-18 18:45:12

      So, my dependable and long lived desktop Freya went bang today, literally. Trying to set up stuff on a laptop, but no promises for tonight.

    • Umbrafer2018-06-06 19:02:11

      not feeling well tonight, sorry folks... good news is that Monday is my last day of work until the end of August!

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