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Posted by Leviatan 7 months Ago
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Many of you may be feeling some feelings with the direction the Horde has taken in recent events.  Fear not, old soldiers!  Saurfang has got your back.  If you haven’t checked out the Warbringers yet, do so!

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    • Requinix2019-02-20 18:06:14

      Running late tonight at work. Depending on how long it takes I may not make it tonight

    • Leviatan2019-02-18 20:10:04

      Hey y'all, sick kiddo. See ya Wednesday!

    • Umbrafer2019-02-13 16:33:19

      gonna be a little late tonight

    • Leviatan2019-01-30 17:29:37

      I'll be late tonight, folks. Save some bad guys for me!

    • Umbrafer2019-01-27 11:21:44

      The Royal Rumble is tonight, won't be around lol

    • Leviatan2019-01-25 16:23:56

      Great first night in Dazar'alor folks. Here's to another on Sunday!

    • Umbrafer2019-01-09 16:39:07

      I'm likely not gonna be there tonight, sorry I've been inconsistent lately - it's just That Part of the School Year for the next few months...

    • Pencilvester2019-01-02 10:50:11

      The nurse is the only one at our house without the flu shot. Hopefully Jack and I win the 20% effectiveness lottery.

    • Leviatan2019-01-01 18:07:32

      Back from holiday vacation, but now we all have the Flu...Sorry to anyone I exposed!

    • Umbrafer2018-12-23 10:03:23

      Probably won't be around again tonight, unfortunately.

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