BFA Launches

BFA Launch

Posted by Leviatan 1 month Ago
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That’s right, folks.  BFA is officially here.  Here comes Zandalar!  For the Horde!

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    • Umbrafer2018-09-17 18:44:46

      I rewatched some videos for Zul, I think I see what went wrong last night.

    • Umbrafer2018-09-16 22:14:30

      I'm hoping I found the solution to my Discord problem, we'll see Monday night...

    • Umbrafer2018-09-11 20:39:36

      1 Sanguicell dropped for me in lfr tonight from the last boss of the wing, if anyone is paying attention to crafted gear

    • Chicken2018-08-31 09:11:20

      Rep contracts now have a 7 day duration. I'll try and keep the bank (free tab) stocked, but keep an eyeball out for when the buff drops off of you.

    • Chicken2018-08-28 11:55:16

      Be careful with posting stuff on the AH. The deposit cost just went up in spades. Blizzard is trying to remove the 'put 200 ore up in stacks of 1, totaling 200 auctions' situation. You don't get the deposits back if your auction fails to sell.

    • Darkthistle2018-08-20 13:34:09

      Of course it was. Tyrande is a mean, petty, racist snob. I'm soooo glad she's the one we pissed off.

    • Leviatan2018-08-19 15:59:46

      Specifically it was Tyrande. She's pissed at us.

    • Umbrafer2018-08-19 12:43:45

      It was the alliance.

    • Darkthistle2018-08-19 11:21:57

      Get back into Wow, get hooked on the new xpac and its new hotness, hit 120 last night and wake up to what is looking like a very long power outage........somehow, I balme the Alliance.

    • Chicken2018-08-14 17:56:12

      That nabe character is a suspicious-looking level 120.

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