BFA Launches

BFA Launch

Posted by Leviatan 9 months Ago
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That’s right, folks.  BFA is officially here.  Here comes Zandalar!  For the Horde!

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    • Leviatan2019-04-15 19:20:18

      Hey all, sorry I'm still absent. Sick as a dog, and it's the pits. I'll have strats uploaded for the new raid soon, though!

    • Umbrafer2019-04-08 14:45:02

      20 minutes late tonight if there's anything left from last night

    • Umbrafer2019-04-07 12:23:30

      won't be round tonight, wrestlemania!

    • Umbrafer2019-04-03 14:25:40

      will be about 20 minutes late tonight

    • Leviatan2019-04-01 21:58:55

      Grats on Jaina Heroic, team!

    • Umbrafer2019-03-27 17:29:27

      gonna be about half an hour late again tonight

    • Umbrafer2019-03-20 12:00:43

      will be about a half an hour late tonight

    • Leviatan2019-03-10 11:13:57

      Hey all, likely missing tonight with the time change junk messing with kid's bed time.

    • Requinix2019-02-27 19:08:53

      Running late tonight. I may be late or not on. Sorry :(

    • Requinix2019-02-20 18:06:14

      Running late tonight at work. Depending on how long it takes I may not make it tonight

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