Eternal Palace Live!

by Leviatan July 8, 2019

Team, it’s time to plunder the underwater palace of Queen Azshara!  Check out the strats and see you in Nazjatar!

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Dazar’alor Raid Live!

by Leviatan January 22, 2019

    Time to defend the castle and pretend to be alliance to storm the castle!

Dazaralor 3

Uldir Live 9/4!

by Leviatan September 3, 2018

  Uldir is live (as are Warfronts). Check out the raid strats and get ready to rock!

Uldir Launch

BFA Launches

by Leviatan August 13, 2018

  That’s right, folks.  BFA is officially here.  Here comes Zandalar!  For the Horde!

BFA Launch

For the Horde

by Leviatan August 3, 2018

  Many of you may be feeling some feelings with the direction the Horde has taken in recent events.  Fear not, old soldiers!  Saurfang has got your back.  If you haven’t checked out the Warbringers yet, do so!


Battle For Azeroth 8/14

by Leviatan May 5, 2018

    With three months left until the Battle for Azeroth, Tortured continues to raid and recruit!

BFA Release Date

Heroic Legion Raids Clear!

by Leviatan March 12, 2018

    This just in: Argus the Unmaker – unmade by Tortured!

Argus Defeat 2

Tomb of Sargeras Clear!

by Leviatan October 10, 2017

    Great job, team!  Kil’jaeden lies dead (in a million tiny bits floating through the Twisting Nether).  On to Antorus soon.  I bet Illidan will try to take all the credit for “helping” us with the kill.

Kiljaeden Heroic

Tortured is Recruiting!

by Leviatan August 8, 2017

    Team, we are looking for a handful of new members to bulk out or raiding roster.  If you have folks on your friends list that you think would be good additions to the team, please send them our way.  If you’re in a pug and someone stands out, let them know who we […]


Tomb is Open!

by Leviatan June 20, 2017

  Get ready, Tomb of Sargeras (Temple of Elune).  Here comes Tortured!  Watch some strats videos before Wednesday so we can go beat up some internet monsters, team. Visual Guides! Video Guides!

Tomb Open

Heroic Nighthold Down!

by Leviatan May 1, 2017

Gul’dan lies dead.  Twice!  Great job, team.  We’ve got a few weeks to farm up some BiS trinkets until we head into the Tomb to take down Kil’jaeden.

Heroic Gul'dan Clear

One Boss Left!

by Leviatan February 26, 2017

      That’s right, folks.  Gul’dan is up next for a full clear of Heroic Nighthold!  Go team!

Nighthold Clear

Heroic Emerald Nightmare Clear!

by Leviatan November 17, 2016

    That’s right, team.  Xavius is dead and Tortured is moving on to Odyn’s next (last?) test.  Nice job, folks!

Nightmare Clear

Tortured To Use Discord

by Umbrafer August 16, 2016

Old with the old, in with the new…  Starting September 1st when Tortured’s paid subscription for Mumble runs out, we will be switching over to Discord to use as a chat client.  The cost was a factor – Discord is free – but far more importantly, we’ve discovered that it presents a more intuitive and […]


Legion Launch FAQ

by Leviatan July 23, 2016

    Team, I consistently get the same questions every time an expansion launches, so rather than answer them a zillion times, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. Cheers!

Legion FAQ

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      #1 Horde guild on Skywall right now! Nice set of Heroic kills last night, folks!

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      Eternal Palace raid strats are up!

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      Patch June 25th... Raid open July 9th.

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      Hey all, sorry I'm still absent. Sick as a dog, and it's the pits. I'll have strats uploaded for the new raid soon, though!

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      Grats on Jaina Heroic, team!

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      will be about a half an hour late tonight

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